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Java Developer


For one of our projects at the European Commission in Brussels, Petend has a job position open for Java Developer.

Main tasks:

  • Lead the elaboration and implementation of reference architecture for information system development.
  • Provide architectural advisory services towards in line with the reference architecture.
  • At request of the IT governance bodies, assessing the architecture of IT projects from their early stages on in order to assure their architectural coherence/convergence. Validate the architecture of the information systems.
  • Build, maintain and support reusable components, frameworks and services, endorsed by the appropriate governance bodies, in order to facilitate the development of information systems.
  • Provide leadership on methodologies for project management and IT software engineering in terms of advisory services, coaching, training and building communities of practice.
  • Organise, manage and support the application lifecycle management platforms and services.
  • Act as coordinator for innovation in information systems at Commission level. Contribute to new IT strategies and projects.
  • Act as key client contact point for information systems. Assure the liaison with other

You are the perfect candidate for this job if you have:

  • Good knowledge of the Java programming language and of the Java virtual machine including its internal mechanisms, such as class loading and garbage collection
  • Good knowledge of JEE technology and Oracle Weblogic
  • Good knowledge of web technologies including HTTP
  • Knowledge of web services including SOAP and REST
  • Knowledge of relational databases including SQL
  • Knowledge of directories including LDAP
  • Knowledge of web security and of the techniques used to mitigate security risks is an asset
  • Knowledge of JSF and PrimeFaces

The following will be considered as an added value:

  • Experience with web technologies other than Java, such as ColdFusion and PHP
  • CAS (Central Authentication Service), SAML (Security Assertion Mark-up Language), WSFederation, WS-Trust and SSL/TLS

Specific context and objective:

In order to promote a common EC development culture, based on usage of a common set of tools and solutions, and to deliver reusable services for the information systems and development teams, the sector Service Oriented Solutions (SOS):

  • Designs, builds, delivers and supports modular service oriented solutions that can be shared by all web – & information systems;
  • Defines, promotes and supports the technical reference architecture used by EC information systems, providing best practice guidelines, consultancy and technological watch;
  • Provides services around the reference configuration for development, including client and server side tools and infrastructure for supporting the application development lifecycle.


  • Fluent in English

Your career benefits in this job:

  • You will learn a lot on how to handle big projects, big solutions that are used by all the member states of the European Union.
  • You will learn a lot on how to handle big projects, big solutions that are used by all the member states of the European Union.
  • There are hundreds of high qualified IT professionals in this huge organisation where you can always find somebody if you need help. This is such a Western-European place where the team is absolutely international, there is no need using other language than English.


If you are interested and available for this opportunity, please apply as soon as possible clicking on the button below.